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Writing is one of the cornerstones of the Qala program. One benefit is that it can help make your learning process more effective by forcing you to think about the subject in more depth. Another benefit is that it contributes to your online portfolio. A good article is a valuable digital artifact that can help you get better exposure to employers, or to the industry in general. This guide contains information and tips on how to write better articles and get more out of your time spent on writing.

Technical Writing

As a SW engineer, you'll have to do quite a bit of technical writing. Technical writing is hard and not something most of us get taught, but doing it well makes all the difference to the reader and can really make your material stand out. If your project is kick ass but people struggle to understand or use it, is it really kick ass?



Technical writing for software engineers

Developer Tools



GitHub repository: link

including information on how to write and use custom plugins in any language

Articles has collected a great list of articles covering a broad range of subject areas in and around bitcoin.

In addition to this (and possibly with some overlap) some additional articles and resources are provided below.







In a Bitcoin context the chapters from Practical Cryptography for Developers (PCfD) on Digital Signatures and specifically ECDSA Signatures are well-worth reading, as is the chapter on Hash Functions.

In a lightning context, and in addition to the above, its worth also reading the MAC and Key Derivation and ECDH Key Exchange chapters from PCfD, both of which are used as part of the encrypted transport layer.

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