Week 2

Mastering Bitcoin refresher

This week, we'll be refreshing your knowledge on those aspects of the Bitcoin protocol that are most essential to becoming efficient and effective Bitcoin/LN builders. These materials (some more than others) will also be extremely helpful in better understanding the Mastering Lightning book in the next weeks.


The book is available for free on the author's GitHub, and the discussion questions are available on Qala's GitHub. An overview of the questions for which you will be the discussion leader will be shared over the usual channels.

Note: by Friday evening, we expect you to have finished the Taproot workshop by Bitcoin Optech Group. It's quite a lot of work, so make sure to start early enough. As the new generation of Bitcoin builders, Taproot is a very powerful new tool that you're in a unique position to learn about and have at your disposal.

If you finish your chapter(s) for the day early, feel free to move on to the next day's chapter(s), as repetition is key when it comes to absorbing so much knowledge.


  • Be prepared for the daily discussion groups:

    • Finish reading the chapter(s) for the day

    • Prepare and research your assigned question(s), make sure you can host the discussion and think about follow-up questions etc

    • Prepare and research the questions hosted by other people in your group

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