Week 6

Conclude Mastering Lightning Book & Project

This week, we'll be concluding "Mastering Lightning" Book and start building Projects. We will start the week by studying the last two chapters of the book holding discussions in small groups as you answer discussion questions. Thereafter, we will commence working on the assigned project.

A web-reader-friendly hosted version of the book can be found at lnbook.256k1.dev, which can be accessed for educational purposes using username and password qala:lightning.


  • All the previous weeks' developer environments for both Bitcoin and Lightning Network.


At the end of the week, we hope that you will:

  • Understand Path Finding and Payment Delivery

    • Finding Candidate Paths

    • Payment Delivery

    • Multiparts Payment (MPP)

  • Understand Lightning Payments Requests

    • Payment Invoices

    • Payment Requests vs Bitcoin Addresses

    • Payment Requests Serialization and Interpretation


Below is the schedule for the week:



Chapter 12: Pathfinding and Payment Delivery From 'Path Finding and Payment Delivery'



Project Workshop


Project Work


Project Work

If you finish your chapter(s) for the day early, feel free to move on to the next day's chapter(s), as repetition is key when it comes to absorbing so much knowledge.


Each day, do the required reading and:

  • Be prepared for the daily discussion groups:

    • Finish reading the chapter(s) for the day

    • Prepare and research your assigned question(s), make sure you can host the discussion and think about follow-up questions etc

    • Prepare and research the questions hosted by other people in your group

  • From the middle of the week, you shall be assigned a project and be expected to show the progress made.

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