Show And Tell

To learn from each other's achievements and learnings, we will reserve 30 minutes on every Tuesday and Thursday for demo time. Anyone who has finished some presentable piece of work (a finished project, but also an MVP or some intermediary stage) is encouraged to take the stage and share.


All demos follow the Lightning talk format. In our case, this means that you should:

  • come prepared

  • stick to 5 minutes or less

  • show the most important achievements, and talk about the most important/unexpected learnings

  • keep it light, entertaining and easy to follow

  • leave out anything that is not necessary or too hard to follow

  • come prepared, seriously. It's your time to shine. Practice beforehand.

For (entertaining) examples, see:

Sign up

To sign up for a Show And Tell demo, please fill in the registration sheet and ping the cohort channel on Discord.

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