Week 8

Primary focus

This week the primary focus will be on Project 1 Retros and preparation for Project 2 (Open Source Projects).


We will start the week on Monday with completing Project 1 Demos and Retros. Demos are for those who did not demo their project last week and those with additional features (if time permits). We will also have a Review Session where you will share the things you learned while working on Project 1 as well as its challenges and improvements you think can be made.


On Wednesday, we'll have a contributing etiquette Workshop that will prepare us on how to contribute to Open Source Projects. It will also look at how to polish our Projects on Github covering Readme, Licence, Contribution guidelines amongst others.

Design Document

After the workshop, you are expected to identify a project to work on alongside specific issues, design and submit a Document for approval before proceeding to start making contributions.

Personal Updates

Daily updates on your personal progress with projects and blog posts.

Blog posts

You will continue to write and publish blog posts and give updates accordingly.

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