Week 5

Primary focus

Let the group projects begin!

You've now all completed your first solo project a learned a tonne! Now you've been assigned groups up for you second projects and we want to see even more impressive things from you.

Showcase your pre-existing skills, but combine these with demonstrating your new bitcoin and lightning knowledge to build something really innovative as a team.

Once you've formulated your idea spend some time creating a detailed plan. Extend your plan to break down tasks into smaller achievable goals which are specific and measurable. Match the goals to your strengths. Add a MVP end goal where you would consider the project in a workable (alpha) state.

Keep in regular contact with your team-member(s).

We are greatly looking forward to seeing what you can build.

Reading and presentation

We might incorporate some time-constrained reading into the week. We don't want this to take away from building-time, but do want to keep you learning now things as we go. TBC...

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